XP Pen Deco Pro Review (Medium Size Tablet)

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The XP Pen Deco Pro drawing tablet combines new technology with unique touch controls for a refreshing experience. When it comes to improving an individual’s artistic skills, graphic artists continuously try to outweigh their previous works. In turn, producing impeccable and creative artwork that makes them stand apart from their peers. To accomplish this they … Read more

Bellofy Art Kit 33 Piece Professional Art Supplies Kit Review

The Bellofy Art Kit 33 Piece Review_image-min

The Bellofy Art Kit 33 piece professional art set is known for its high-quality art pieces. Drawing is fun and entertaining when you have inspiring art supplies. Hence, if you want to determine your creativeness or that of your children, you need to get an art kit. The Bellofy 33 piece professional art supplies kit … Read more

Drawing Cartoons Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

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Drawing, especially cartoons, can improve your hand-eye coordination.  It is very possible to find cartoons in books, magazines, newspapers, and TV programs among many other places. Young people and adults are getting influenced by the wave of cartoons.  Hence, many people spend most of their time drawing cartoons or learning how to draw cartoons.  Happily, … Read more

Reviewing the Huion HS64 Drawing Tablet (Portable Painter)

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The Huion HS64 drawing tablet is an incredible hardware that is making the work of illustrators easier. Graphics designing is a budding career, and many freelancers are earning their full-time monthly income from this artistic profession. Easy access to a bunch of tools like high end laptops, graphics applications and designing tablets helps them become more … Read more