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With the rising popularity of digital art and photo manipulation, artists and photographers using drawing tablets has become a ubiquitous sight these days.

Because digital graphic tablets make things easier and more precise for most, they have easily become a necessity tethered to the artist’s side wherever they go.

You see them hunched over their tablets, creating, editing, and enhancing their artwork with the aid of graphic art applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

If you are planning to buy a drawing tablet, it is important to do a bit of research on the different drawing tablet brands that are available on the market. When you look at this niche, you are likely to find just a few renowned brands.


These companies, however, provide a wide variety of tablets that will suit your artistic and budget requirements. Graphics tablets have surely evolved from when they first came out on the market. These days, it’s easier to find tablets that offer the wide variety of functions that you need.

This technology has grown more advanced over time. You can also see them come in different price ranges, making them more accessible for beginners or people who are on a budget.

Here are some names that have established quite a foothold in this niche.


This is probably the most popular brand when it comes to digital drawing tablets. They offer two groups of pen tablets: the Intuos Pen and the Intuous Pro. Let’s discuss the specifics to avoid confusion.

Wacom Intuous Pen and Touch are the basic, entry-level tablets that replaced their earlier models (Wacom Bamboo Splash, Bamboo Create, and Bamboo Capture). These tablets are perfect for beginners.

The work area ranges from 6” x 3.7” to 8.5” x 5.3”. All of their Intous Pen and Touch models have pressure-sensitive pens that recognize 1,024 pressure levels. These pens, unlike competitors, do not need batteries.


Except for their CTL480 model, all of these tablets have multi-touch functionalities. All of them have 4 express keys. Bundled together with these are software applications, such as Autodesk Sketchbook Express, Manga Studio Debut, and Art Rage Studio.

The Intuos Pro series have more advanced features. They have wider active areas and pens that recognize 2,048 pressure levels. These pens are also tilt-sensitive and have erasers.

They also include software applications in the package, among them are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Sketchbook Express, Anime Studio Debut, and Nik Color Efex Pro 4 Select Edition.

Their upscale models include the Cintiq pen display that lets you work directly on screen. Read more about the Wacom Cintiq 22HD 21-Inch Pen Display Tablet (DTK2200) Review.


This is another recognized brand when it comes to drawing tablets and offers a good number of models to choose from. Their products are relatively less expensive than competitors, but offer similar features and functionalities.

Their entry-level drawing tablets start in the $40 range, which makes their goods insanely attractive to buyers. For that amount, buyers can get a tablet that has an 8” x 6” work area.


Their pens are also pressure-sensitive, and they recognize up to 2,048 pressure levels. These pens need AAA batteries, though, and they don’t have tilt sensitivity and eraser features.

Consumers have mixed reviews on the product. The pros focused on the features and the price; the cons focused on the hardware and driver installation. Best read these reviews before making a purchase.

Huion also offers upscale drawing tablets that are comparable to Wacom tablets. Huion supports both left and right handed users. Their H610 model is a popular choice as an alternative to Wacom tablets.

Because of price and functionalities, you will find some Huion rebrands in the market. If you’re in need of a wireless tablet, read about the The Huion Giano Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet – Is It the Best One Out There?


Just like Huion, Ugee tablets are made in China and they provide tablets with similar features and functionalities as those of Wacom tablets, but at a lesser price. Ugee tablets also come with pressure-sensitive pens that read 2,048 different pressure levels.

These tablets cost more than Huion but less than Wacom drawing tablets. One of their most popular models is the G5 which has G-flash, an 8GB flash drive.

You can draw, sketch, paint, enhance, and save your work in this handy flash drive. It also has a swivel button, so you can adjust the brush size, rotate your canvas, zoom, and scroll up or down.  It is sleek and compact.


Most buyers focus and compare these three drawing tablet brands because of their features and price. They have also been in the market long enough and have shown budding artists and professionals how their tablets can make things easier, better, and even more colorful for them.

We have created a list of our favorite graphics tablets below.

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