30 Handmade Craft Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Handmade crafts have become famous for their uniqueness and beauty.

Some years back, people made crafts for their homes or to gift their friends.

But today, you can earn extra money by making unique pieces.


There are popular sites such as Etsy where you can sell your handmade crafts.

If you love to paint or to sew, there are many handmade craft ideas you can make and sell.

Happily, most of these ideas do not cost a lot of money to craft.

Below are 30 handmade crafts ideas for anyone to try.

30 Handmade craft ideas

1. Handmade candles

Candles add light, warmth, and relief in a room.

You can make candles and customize the scent, look, color and size.

2. Tablet and iPad holders

Today, most people own tablets and iPads.


And since people use these gadgets even in the kitchen to refer to recipes, you can make holders to avoid the devices from getting wet or sticky. 

3. Knitted blanket 

Most people love handmade crafts because they are unique. And one great idea is a knitted blanket. 

With a beautiful, exceptional blanket, people can use them for trip, picnics, and getaways.

4. Leather notebook/Diary Covers

People want to have good looking notebooks and diaries when they go for meetings and seminars. 

Hence, making a beautiful leather notebook and diary covers is an excellent idea.

5. Sunglasses cases


We also love to have that unique sunglasses case that is beautiful and presentable.

Hence, if you feel you can make these cases, you can sell them online.

6. Earrings

If you’re talented in crafting, special and unique earrings are some of the items you can make and sell.

You can also customize them for anyone.

7. Wood burned utensils

Kitchenware has items that can be made and customized for anyone.

If you feel you can craft appliances, you can earn extra coins by selling them online.

8. Picture Pendant

Imagine how many people would like to have a pendant with their pictures or a picture of their loved one? 


This is a great craft idea during special occasions such as birthdays, mother’ days, and many others.

9. Plant holders

Although many people make plant holders, you can easily make unique ones if you are talented. 

With handmade crafts, anyone can craft something special.

10. Leather bracelets

If you are looking for the best homemade craft ideas, you can construct personalized leather bracelets.

Make them beautiful, unique and lovely for the young and elderly.

11. Wine Rack

well-crafted wine rack can attract a massive audience.

This is because wine racks are used on special occasions that involve essential guests.

12. Picnic duvet or blankets


People are searching for lovely, warm and unique picnic blankets.

Hence, if you feel you are talented, you can design duvets and sheets and start making money.

13. Special key chains

Some of the best gifts that children give to their parents and grandparents are key chains.

Hence, you can create individual key chains and customize them for your customers.

14. Embroidered pillows

Some occasions are exceptional. Hence, something that can help people fall asleep happy is making embroidered pillows.

Many people are searching for particular pillows to gift.

15. Knitted scarfs

From kids to students, people are looking for fancy and good looking scarfs.


If you have the crafty-touch in knitting, you may get customized orders from your loyal followers.

16. Crochet teddy bear

Kids are looking to play with unique dolls.

If you are gifted and you can create this product, a teddy bear can attract many people.

17. Wall hangings

Even though there are many people making wall hangings, the demand is high.

All you need is to have something genuine that no one else has. 

18. Cake stand

If you can make an elegant and stylish cake stand, you can be in high demand.

People are looking for classy stands for occasions such as housewarming, office events, birthdays, and weddings.

19. Leather pouches


Also, the need for bags is very high. However, women look for unique bags and pouches.

So, if you can manage to craft leather pouches and customize them for people, you can make good money.

20. Personalized Flasks

You can make customized containers for people looking for special gifts for their loved ones.

21. Photo puzzles

Today, people love puzzles. Hence, if you can craft puzzles, the best idea is making picture puzzles.

However, the project needs time and patience.

22. Wooden salt and pepper shakers

One of the smartest handmade craft ideas is making wooden salt and pepper shakers. 


Every home would like to have unique and attractive salt and pepper shakers.

You can also customize them for your clients.

23. Transferring images to a rock

Another amazing handmade craft idea is transferring images into a rock.

If you feel you can draw, you can make good money by bringing images on stones. 

The design needs a talented person since clients have special requests for unique products.

24. Rings

Having a unique ring that cannot match any other is a good feeling. 

Therefore, if you can make wedding rings, engagement rings, or special rings, you can make money online.

25. Prayer beads


Prayers beads are not easy to find. Hence, if you feel you can craft them, you can sell them online.

Many people are looking for prayer beads and charms.

26. Religious home décor

Although many people can make these decors, you can sell them in bulk if you can manage to craft unique ones.

27. Mats and rugs

Many people can make mats and rugs.

Hence, people shopping for these products need unique and rare items.

28. Lanterns

Very few people can make lanterns.

Therefore, if you can, or you are willing to learn how to make them, you can sell them online.

29. Wedding clothing


Since a wedding is a special occasion, people are looking for handmade dresses, lingerie, suits, and other wedding accessories. 

Hence, if you feel you are talented, you can get many customers online.

30. Books

All books are exclusive and original. So, another great craft idea is making books. 

From literature to children books and guides, you can craft some and open a shop selling books.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the most popular items you can craft and sell online.

Here’s a business tip you may consider, you can add cartoons to most products. 

Of course, the idea is to keep the design simple but make it attractive.

While developing your own handmade craft, first research on its popularity.

Cartoon dogs and cats are popular and can be added to many of these ideas.

Do you have the perfect idea for a handmade craft? We would love to hear about it. 

Leave a comment or suggestion below so I can give you my opinion.

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