How to Choose Quality Art Supplies (For Beginners)

In my opinion, every beginning artist should learn how to choose quality art supplies.

Your overall art tools and pieces can determine the success of your artwork.

Therefore, to have successful drawings, you need to use quality art supplies.

Being a beginner or an art student, you need to know why it’s important to use the best art supplies for artists.

Getting Familiar with Art Pieces

There are many art pieces in a store and before going shopping, you need to understand some basic factors.

You do not want to go online or visit an art store feeling confused and surprised because you know little about drawing supplies.

Therefore, understanding the things to check is vital when choosing quality art supplies.

Some of us think that buying drawing equipment depends on personal preference because every artist has his/her own style of drawing.

Look for Quality

Even though we all have our own style of drawing, using quality supplies can ensure you get amazing results.

Also, there are some basic factors you need to consider ensuring you get good supplies.

For instance, you must identify the type of supplies that fit your work and the best brand to use.

To help you make an informed choice, below are the main reasons why every beginning artist should use quality supplies.

Things to consider when buying art tools and materials

If you are a professional artist shopping for drawing and painting supplies, you may have some brands, types, and materials to consider.

But if you are a beginner or an art student, you might not have an idea of factors to check to ensure you use quality supplies.

Below are some things to check to help you make an informed choice.

1. Type of supplies

As an artist, you need to know the type of supplies to use.

Even though you are a beginner, it is essential to research and understand the art materials and tools for your work.

For example, an art student can consult with the art teacher to find out which art pieces are needed.

Here are the main types of supplies you may need for your artwork.

• Graphite pencils – Graphite pencils are vital because before you start painting, you will need to sketch your subject.

Therefore, shop for quality graphite pencils.

Kneaded eraser – being a beginner, you need an eraser for rubbing several mistakes.

But you need a kneaded one to help you rub small details.

Quality drawing paper – a good drawing paper will ensure your image comes out as required.

Brushes – if you are painting, you need different brush sizes. You need a large size, medium size, and small size brushes for your work.

Paint – to produce beautiful art, especially as a beginner, you need quality paint.

Other pieces you may need a palate, painting paper pads, markers, colored pencils, fountain pen, and others.

2. Colors

Choosing colored pencils might be a challenge for a beginner.

And the higher quality colored pencils you purchase, the more they cost.

However, artists especially beginners use quality art pieces because there are different qualities of colored pencils on the market.

Nevertheless, you need to know that some expensive colored pencils might not produce the quality of color needed in the artwork.

Therefore, when shopping, ensure to test the colored pencils before buying.

Here are some tips to help you buy high-quality colored pencils.

Type of application – some colored pencils are good for a specific type of application.

Therefore, you need to know the kind of art you will be doing.

For instance, if you will be working on large pieces of artwork, having good, consistent color is important.

Color range – from the size of the colored pencil to the number of colors you need, knowing the required color range is important.

Level of experience – since you are a beginner, you need to look for pencils that are more user-friendly.

Happily, there are those designed for kids, art students, beginners, and professionals.

3. Variation

Buying art tools and materials can get costly.

Hence, it is important to avoid buying materials you do not need.

However, variation in art is a must. An artist, especially a beginner cannot work with just one art material or tool.

You need to have several pieces to help you learn and advance your skills.

A variety of tools and materials can help you become more creative and understand the best line of art to consider as a beginner.

4. Brands

In art, brand matters. There are so many brands on the market and every brand is created differently.

Some brands are designed for professional artists while others are created for art students and beginners.

In addition, there are low-quality brands and high-quality brands.

Whether you are shopping for paints, brushes, pens, drawing paper, or graphite pencils, you need a quality brand.

Being a beginner, you may have a challenge choosing quality art tools and materials.

It is also essential to note that some brands might look pretty on the outside but may not be durable.

Therefore, when buying art supplies, ensure you go through customer reviews and feed-back to pick the best brand.

Some users complain about buying art sets for their appearance only to find out they contain low-quality materials.

5. Materials used to make art supplies

It is important to note that art pieces and tools are made of different materials.

For instance, a colored pencil is not made of the same material as a graphite pencil.

Therefore, before you spend your money on any equipment, understand the materials used.

Besides, the quality of the material used determines the quality of the finished product.

Poor Quality equals Bad Results

So, if you do not check the materials used, you might be disappointed when using graphite pencils, colored pencils, or paints.

To ensure you use quality art pieces, it is important to try them before buying.

Do not waste money on low-quality products because your output will be poor.

If you do not have a chance to try out the supplies, the best option is to hop on the internet and go through customer reviews.

Research your Materials

For instance, if you are searching for the best art supplies for artists on the internet, go to online art stores.

Online art stores have many useful customer reviews on most of the popular art supplies.

While visiting these art stores, check the prices for each art piece so you can compare to other stores.

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