How to Draw a Cartoon Gummi Worm Under the Stars

Cartoon gummi worms are designed with many colors, shapes, and sizes.

For this lesson, we will draw a delicious gummi worm with different colors.

Some gummi worms are so colorful, they closely resemble a rainbow in the sky.

This drawing uses a circle for the worm’s head and a curvy cylinder shape for the body.

How to Draw a Cartoon Gummi Worm under the Stars

Step 1

Step 1 Draw a Circle

Draw a medium-sized circle to the left of your paper.

This will be the template for the cartoon gummi worm’s head.

Step 2

Step 2 Draw the Body

Sketch the gummi worm’s body with a curvy cylinder shape. 

Each side should be evenly spaced with three lines to separate the colors.

Step 3

Step 3 Draw the Face

Inside the circle, draw the face of the cartoon gummi worm.

Use the template to measure each face curve.

Step 4

Step 4 Draw the Eyes of the Cartoon Gummi Worm

Sketch the worm’s eyes and a happy smile. 

Step 5

Cartoon Gummi Worm

Finish drawing your cartoon gummi worm by adding a dirt mound at the bottom of the worm.

Also, draw a few stars in the sky for added bonus.

Quick Coloring Page a Cartoon Gummi Worm

Fun Worm Facts

Worms use their skins to breathe

Do you know that worms do not have a nose or lungs? 

Yes, worms use their skin to breathe; And since all living things need oxygen to live, worms need oxygen to be alive.

Unlikely, they do not use the nose or the mouth to breathe. 

They use their mouths for eating organic materials. 

Well, when they breathe through the skin, they can stay underground for a long time. 

Also, they do not have ears or eyes.

When the worm exposes itself to oxygen by digging into the soil or lying out in the open, it breathes properly. 

The oxygen then travels through the bloodstreams to the body. 

And since worms stay underground most of the time, the skin needs to stay moist. 

If the skin of a worm dries out, they can suffocate. 

This is because their pores cannot pass oxygen when dry. 

And to avoid the heat of the sun, worms normally come out to the surface at night. 

Worms can also live underwater and still breathe freely for several weeks.

Need art materials to draw the cartoon gummi worm? See our list of the best drawing materials below.

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