How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman with Earmuffs

Snowmen get cold ears, that’s why we will draw a cartoon snowman with earmuffs.

We will use two circles for the snowman’s body and cup shapes for the earmuffs and gloves.

The rest of the shapes are circles except for the nose and earmuff connector.

How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman with Earmuffs

Step 1

Lesson 1 Cartoon Snowman with Ear Muffs-min

Draw two large circles in the center of your paper.

Sketch a large circle at the bottom and a smaller one on top.

Step 2

Lesson 2 Cartoon Snowman with Ear Muffs-min

Begin sketching the outer objects such as the cartoon snowman’s earmuffs, arms and gloves.

Draw the earmuff connector over the snowman’s head like you see in the image.

Step 3

Lesson 3 Cartoon Snowman with Ear Muffs-min

Sketch the three buttons in the lower circle, keep them aligned with each other.

Continue drawing the snowman’s face starting with the triangular nose in the center.

Draw two medium size circles for the eyes and tiny circles for the mouth.

Step 4

Snowman with Ear Muffs

Paint your cartoon snowman with earmuffs any color you like.

For fun, add some penguins in the background and snowflakes.

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Fun Snowman Facts

The Snowman Burning Day

Another amazing fact about snowmen is that there is the snowman burning day. 

The snowman burning day was first celebrated in March 1971. 

A German inspired this idea. During the process, the mayor passes across the town with a snowman build of straw. 

If the kids of the town have studied well, are well-behaved, and have been obeying their parents, the mayor orders the snowman to be burnt. 

This has happened for many years.

However, in 1992, the snowman burning day was canceled because of environmental concerns. 

Even though the issues were genuine, the cancellation annoyed most people and had to launch a petition to bring the day back. 

The petition was successful, and they continued the snowman burning day. 

It is a day that is celebrated today in many countries.

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