How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman – Using Circles

How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman – Using Circles

Learn how to draw a cartoon snowman step by step.

Let´s start to draw a Cartoon Snowman.

This snowman is designed mostly with basic circles, and rectangles.

The face has more challenging lines and shapes to draw.

Step 1 – Draw the three main circles in the center of your paper. Each circle has a unique size, from small to large.

Step 2 – Draw two small circles for the snowman’s eyes. The eyes should be slanted like in the picture.

On the bottom of both circles, draw a happy smile.

Step 2 Cartoon Snowman

Step 3 – Draw the snowman’s eyes, nose and mouth at this time. The eyes have two color layers.

You can color in the eyes and the rest of the details like in the image.

Step 3 Cartoon Snowman

Step 4 – Draw the snowman’s winter hat. The hat can be draw with a long rectangle. 

For the top of the hat you can use a square shape.

Step 4 Cartoon Snowman

Step 5 – Draw four circles starting from small to big. Draw two small circles on the top part of the body.

Draw the largest circles on the bottom of the body. These are the snowman’s black buttons.

Step 5 Cartoon Snowman

Step 6 – Draw the cartoon snowman’s arms. First draw a two long rectangles for the arms.

Now draw the hands by drawing two smaller rectangles on each arm.

Step 6 Cartoon Snowman

Step 7 – Finish your drawing by adding color as you see in the picture. Try adding difrent colors.

Color the carrot nose orange and the buttons with bright colors. Color the snowman’s hat purple.

Step 7 Cartoon Snowman

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