How to Draw a Green Cartoon Bird Flying over a Rainbow

This green cartoon bird is easy to draw because it uses a circle shape for the body.

However, I added more parts to the body of the bird like the feet, tail, wing and crest.

Each part is tubular, which makes it great for beginners to draw.

As an artist, your job is to make drawings easy to understand and deliver a message.

How to Draw a Green Cartoon Bird over a Rainbow

Step 1

Lesson 1 Draw a Circle

Draw a medium-sized circle in the center of your sketchbook.

Leave an extra space for the bird’s crest on top.

Step 2

Lesson 2 Draw the Feet

Sketch the green cartoon bird’s feet on the bottom of the circle.

Each foot should have three toes.

Step 3

Lesson 3 Draw the Crest

Draw the three major elements which include the beak, tail and crest.

Measure each body part to align them properly.

Step 4

Lesson 4 Draw the Eyes of the Green Cartoon Bird

Add the eye and a wing for the cartoon bird.

The bird’s wing has a shape of the letter “L”.

Step 5

Green Cartoon Bird with Rainbows

Finish your painting by adding color to your green cartoon bird.

For a bonus, sketch and color a beautiful rainbow in the sky.

Fun Bird Facts

Parrots are bird species that can say hundreds of words

After dogs and cats, parrots are the next man’s favorite pet. 

Because of their captivating colors and ability to say many words, these birds are hard to resist.

Even most parrots can only learn 50 words;There are many African parrots that can say hundreds of words. 

In 1995, a blue parrot found itself in the Guinness book of records for knowing over 1700 words. 

Apart from speaking, there are some species of parrots that can sing very well.

There are over 370 parrot species; Some are good at imitating humans while we believe others to imitate other sounds.

Even though they rely on seeds as their main food supply, they can eat flowers, fruits, nectars, and small animals if needed.

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