How to Draw Fish Cartoons: Easy Steps

How to Draw Fish Cartoons: Easy Steps

Identify the Shapes

This cute cartoon fish will help you understand the basic shapes needed to draw a fish. Not all fish are created equal, just remember that the body and fins have unique shapes.

Understanding these special shapes will make you a superstar artist. I will be using an HB graphite pencil, copy paper, and a plastic eraser.

Step by Step: How to Draw Fish Cartoons

The fish cartoon has one important shape which is the egg shape. The egg shape creates the main body of the fish. The rest of the shapes are created by freehand.

Step 1 – Draw an egg shape in the center of your paper. Make sure you leave some space to draw the finds and tail.


Step 2 – The fish’s face has three components. The eyes, nose and mouth. First draw the eyes on the upper left-hand corner of the egg shape. Now you can draw the nose the curves out of the egg shape. Draw a simple happy smile on your fish cartoon.


Step 3 – Erase any unwanted lines and start drawing the bottom fin. The bottom fin has a shape of a tear drop. The fin must extend outside the bottom of the fish’s body.


Step 4 – Draw the fish’s top fin. It should look similar to a sailing boat.


Step 5 – Draw the fish’s tail. You could draw the backside of the tail with a straight line if you wish.


Step 6 – Draw the fish’s stripes all around the body, fins and tail.


Step 7 – Erase all unwanted lines and start adding your favorite colors to your fish cartoon. Each stripe can have a different color if you wish.


Final Thoughts

In this drawing of a colorful fish, we learned how to draw different fish parts. Practice drawing skinny fish, fat fish, weird-looking fish so you can sharpen your skills. Add some neon colors and bright colors to your fish to make him the happiest fish in the sea. Which other fish would you like to draw?




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