How to Draw Kite Cartoons: Super Fly Easy

How to Draw Kite Cartoons: Super Fly Easy

Identifying the simple shapes of a kite cartoon

The kite cartoon is one of the easiest to draw. There is only one main shape in this drawing and it’s the triangle. The triangle forms the entire body of the kite. If you are a perfectionist, try using a ruler to make the triangle nice and straight.

Step 1 – Draw a triangle like the one you see in the picture. This is the body of the kite. You can use a ruler to make your lines straight.

Step1 kite cartoon


Step 2 – Draw a straight line down the center of the kite. Now draw the squiggly line for the kite’s string flap.

Step2 kite cartoon


Step 3 – At the bottom of the triangle, draw a bird-like line that will shape your kite.

Step3 kite cartoon


Step 4– On each side of the kite, draw the wings of the kite like you see in the picture.

Step4 kite cartoon


Step 5 – Erase the bottom part of the triangle so it can look like the picture. Draw two equal lines in the middle of the kite as you see in the picture. Now draw the kite’s string that attaches to the kite’s flap.

Step5 kite cartoon


Step 6 – Erase any unwanted lines and start adding colors. Add bright colors to make your kite look colorful.

Step6 kite cartoon




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