How to Draw Owl Cartoons (The Owly Way)

How to Draw Owl Cartoons (The Owly Way)


Identifying the simple shapes of an owl cartoon

The owl cartoon has two main shapes. The most obvious one is the oval shape. The oval shape is the whole body of the owl. The second shape is an upside-down triangle.

The triangle will shape the owl’s head area on top of the oval shape.

Step 1 – Draw a big oval shape in the center of your paper. This is going to be the body of the owl.

Step1 owl cartoon


Step 2 – Draw an upside-down triangle on top of the big oval shape. This is going to be the owl’s head. Inside the triangle draw the lines that you see in the picture.

Step2 owl cartoon


Step 3 – Erase the unwanted lines from the triangle area as you see in the picture. Draw the owl’s wings both on the right and left of the oval shape. Try making these two curved lines equal in height and width.

Step3 owl cartoon


Step 4 – Draw a rectangular shape at the bottom of the oval shape. This will be the tree branch where the cartoon owl will be standing. You can add little leaves to make it look like a tree branch.

Step4 owl cartoon


Step 5 – Draw the owl’s face starting from the two center circles. These circles are the eyes and right below is the owl’s beak. Try centering the owl’s face with the top of its head.

Step5 owl cartoon


Step 6 – Draw the owl’s feet at the bottom of the oval shape. Draw three tubular shapes on both sides of the oval shape. The owl’s feet should reach to the bottom of the tree branch.

Step6 owl cartoon


Step 7 – Add the extra details like the feathers in the center of the oval shape. Add lines to the tree branch to make it look like a real branch. You can also add tree leaves and other details.

Step7 owl cartoon


Step 8 – Add the final colors to the cartoon owl. You can color it with your favorite colors if you like. Try adding purple and yellow to the owl’s feathers and body.

Step8 owl cartoon




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