How to Draw a Cartoon Parrot (Rainbow Colored)

To draw a parrot cartoon, we will use three shapes.

The first shape is a small circle for the parrot’s head, and the second is an eye shape because it looks like a human eye.

The third shape has two rectangles, one for the parrot’s tail and one for the tree branch.

How to Draw a Cartoon Parrot Step by Step

Step 1

Sketch a small circle in the top center of your paper.

Step1 Parrot Cartoon Head

Step 2

The next step is to draw the body of the parrot cartoon like the shape of an eye.

Step2 Parrot Cartoon Body

Step 3

Let’s draw a rectangle at the bottom of the eye shape.

The triangle should reach to the bottom of your paper.

Step3 Parrot cartoon tail

Step 4

Inside the small circle draw the parrot’s head, eyes, and beak.

Use the circle to guide you in drawing the parrot’s head. Erase any unwanted lines.

Step4 Parrot Cartoon Face

Step 5

Begin by drawing the body and two wings for the parrot.

Use the eye shape to guide you in creating the body and wings.

Step5 Parrot Cartoon Body Lines

Step 6

Erase any unwanted lines and draw the parrot’s tail and use the rectangle as your guide to drawing the tail.

Step6 Parrot Cartoon Tail Lines

Step 7

Now you need to erase any unwanted lines and draw a rectangle across the bottom of the eye shape.

Draw the parrot’s feet using an upside-down letter U.

Step7 Parrot Cartoon Feet

Step 8

Next, draw the final details of the parrot’s features like the feathers.

Step8 Parrot Cartoon Details

Step 9

After you’re done, delete all unwanted lines and add colors to your parrot cartoon.

However, remember that parrots come with different colored feathers, so be creative.

Colored Parrot cartoon
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