How to Draw Seahorse Cartoons ( Simple Curves)

How to Draw Seahorse Cartoons ( Simple Curves)

The main shape for this seahorse cartoon is the circle. A small circle will build the head of the seahorse.

Step by Step: How to Draw a Seahorse Cartoon

Step 1 – Draw a small circle on the top right corner of your paper.


Step 2 – Draw a curved line starting from the bottom of the small circle, all the way down to the bottom of your paper.


Step 3 – Inside the small circle, start drawing the seahorse cartoon’s face. Draw the eyes, mouth and the snout.


Step 4 – Erase any unwanted lines and start drawing the seahorse’s body. Use the curvy line to evenly draw the body. Follow the contour of the line so that both lines look the same.


Step 5 – Erase the center curvy line and start drawing the seahorse’s fin. Add four curved lines as you see in the picture.


Step 6 – Start adding the final details like the stripes and the fin circles.


Step 7 – Erase all unwanted lines and start adding colors. You can add a variety of colors like yellow and pink to make your seahorse unique.

Step7 seahorse_cartoon




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