How to Draw SpongeBob Cartoons (Easy and Fun)

The main shape to draw Sponge Bob is the square, but in this drawing, we use a two-dimensional square so that Sponge Bob looks for real, so let’s draw an easy Spongebob.

The legs and the arms are very simple to draw.

How to Draw Sponge Bob Step by Step

Step 1

Draw a big square in the center of your paper and don’t make it too big because we need to draw the legs and arms that stick out a bit.

Step1 Sponge Bob Body

Step 2

Draw Sponge Bobs square pants as you see in the drawing.

His pants look like a long rectangle at the bottom of the big square, so make the rectangle look two-dimensional by adding extending lines.

Step2 Sponge Bob Pants

Step 3

Draw Sponge Bob’s face as you see in the image.

Draw his mouth with the shape of a banana and then adds two circles on top of the mouth to draw his eyes.

Draw the rest of the details.

Step3 Sponge Bob Face

Step 4

Draw Sponge Bob’s head inside the square shape.

His head is basically a sponge, so draw squiggly lines all around.

Add the two-dimensional effect to the left of his head.

Step4 Sponge Bob Body Lines

Step 5

Draw Sponge Bob’s t-shirt and his necktie as you see in the picture.

Step5 Sponge Bob Shirt

Step 6

Draw Sponge Bob’s legs starting from his pants, all the way down to his shoes.

Keep in mind that his legs will have to be drawn outside of the square shape.

Step6 Sponge Bob Legs

Step 7

Draw Sponge Bob’s arms starting from near his cheeks all the way out to his hands and try keeping his arms center to the banana-shaped mouth.

Step7 Sponge Bob Arms

Step 8

Draw the rest of the details, which include the small circles around Sponge Bob’s body.

Draw the slim rectangles on his pants and any other details you need.

Step8 Sponge Bob Details

Step 9

Start adding all the beautiful colors you see in the picture to finish your Sponge Bob drawing.

Colored Sponge Bob
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