How to Draw Sunflower Cartoons

This sunflower cartoon has four circles.

The biggest circle outlines the sunflower’s petals, we will erase this circle at the end.

The medium-sized circle will be the face of the sunflower.

The two smaller circles will be the cartoon eyes of the sunflower.

The rest of the sunflower can be drawn by freehand.


How to Draw a Sunflower Cartoon

Step 1

Step1 Sketch a Circle

Draw the biggest circle first, it should take up most of the space on the top of your paper.

The length of the circle should go a little past the middle of the page.

Step 2

Step2 Draw a small circle inside the big circle.

Draw a medium-sized circle in the middle of the big circle to draw the sunflower’s face.

Step 3

Step3 Sketch the flower's petals.

Draw the sunflower’s petals starting from the medium-sized circle all the way to the edge of the big circle.

The big circle is your guide, so your petals can stay uniformed and even all around the circle.

Draw each petal individually around the same width for each one.

You can make some petals shorter than others to add realism to your drawing.

Step 4

Step4 Draw the flower's face.

Inside the medium-sized circle draw two little eyes for your sunflower cartoon.

Now draw the nose and mouth for the sunflower’s face.

Step 5

Step5 Draw the stem.

Draw a squiggly line down the center of the sunflower to draw the stem.

It doesn’t have to be perfect or straight. You can also add thorns if you like.

Step 6

Step6 Sketch two leaves.

Now we will draw two leaves on each side of the sunflower stem.

You can start by making them look similar to a heart shape.

After you have something similar to the picture, you can erase unwanted lines.

Step 7

Sunflower cartoon

Add the colors you see on the picture to your sunflower.

Erase unwanted lines as you are coloring in each part of the sunflower.

Add your favorite colors to the background of the image.

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