Huion HS610 Drawing Tablet Review: Technology Bound

The Huion HS610 drawing tablet brings new features perfect for beginners.

You have just started off your art career and are looking for the right tools to get things rolling.

Fortunately, you already have a laptop and all the applications to create and edit artwork. 

However, drawing on the laptop is a cumbersome task, and you cannot express your creative skills perfectly.

This warrants you to make an investment in a drawing tablet. 

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The Huion HS610 Drawing Tablet Review

A drawing tablet just opens up another dimension for your work which helps to sketch your imagination accurately.

They load the Huion HS610 drawing tablet with awesome features like Touch Ring and Tilt Functions.

Touch Ring allows you to zoom and adjust the canvas while Tilt functions enhances the pressure sensitivity of the pen.

Besides, it also has support for mobile devices running Android 6.0 or higher.

Who enjoys this tablet?

Anyone engaged in creative artwork can use this amazing tablet for their work.

Beginners who have just started off with their career will definitely benefit from this.

The features offered by the Huion HS610 graphics tablet are tremendous and are of great use for designers of all levels. 

Being available at such an affordable price is something that makes the tablet more appealing to individuals looking to make a career in artwork.

It supports all the leading graphics editing software like SAI, Photoshop and others. 

You do not have to worry about migrating to a new software to use this drawing tablet.

Android Smartphone compatibility makes it popular for phone users. 

You can start creating artwork on your phone, simply by connecting it via the USB cable.

Package Contents

Things included in the box are:

  • A drawing tablet
  • PW100 battery free pen
  • Micro USB Cable
  • PH03 Pen Holder
  • Pen Nibs x 8
  • OTG Adapters (1 Micro USB, 1 USB-C type)
  • Quick Start Manual

The beautiful pen holder is the perfect tool to place your stylus. 

It looks amazing and provides a perfect placement option for the pen.

Available USB connectors can plug the tablet to a device of your choice.

The 8 pen nibs are discreetly placed inside the pen holder.

This enables you to seamlessly change the nib of the pen.


10 x 6.25 Inch Working Area

With a large working area you will never run out of space to bring your dreams to life. 

Use the battery less pen to draw your artwork with ease and comfort.

This lets you create objects with utmost precision.

To make things better, the tablet switches to a 6.25 x 3.9 Inch mobile work area on the left size of the tab. 

This feature makes creating art on the mobile phone easier.

Customizable Express Keys

The Huion HS610 Drawing Tablet has 12 programmable keys. 

You can use them to perform specific functions like increasing the size of your brush or switching the window.

There are also 16 Soft Keys that be accessed using the pen. In total, there are 28 shortcuts that can be customized to suit your need.

It will lead to saving your valuable time and effort by performing specific functions quickly.

Touch Ring and Tilt Function

This is something which makes Huion HS610 Drawing Tablet stand apart from others. 

The Touch Ring button will let you Zoom In/Out, Scroll and Adjust the brush.

Tilt Function provides better brush adjusting options. 

You can use it to explore the pressure detection and cursor positioning at different angles.

You will be happy to see these features assist you in your artistic adventures.

Battery Free Stylus With 8192 Pen Pressure

Work on your new projects with no interruptions; The battery free stylus makes the pen lighter and comfortable to hold.

You do not have to worry about adjusting your grip and workflow based on any attached wires.

Pick up the pen and start drawing.

This tablet has 8192 pressure sensitivity to give a more detailed and precise representation of your sketching.

Compatible with Most Applications and Operating Systems

Huion graphics tablet works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. 

This ensures that your present workspace is not affected.

You can just connect the drawing tablet to your operating system by downloading the driver from Huion’s website. 

It works with almost all the major editing software like Photoshop, SAI and others.

It also runs on smartphones having Android 6.0 or higher.

Super Sleek and Lightweight

They have packed all the amazing features into a tablet that weighs just 1.32 pounds. 

You do not have to worry about carrying a heavy load in your bag.

The sleek build of the tablet allows you to slide it inside your bag and comfortably carry it around with you.


  • Wide working area for better productivity.
  • Battery free stylus for uninterrupted work.
  • Incredible Touch Ring and Tilt Functions.
  • Comes with an adorable and convenient pen stand.
  • Supports all major operating systems and software.
  • Exceptional pressure sensitivity.
  • Affordable and efficient drawing tablet.


  • It does not support iPad and iPhone mobile devices.
  • Soft buttons are difficult to use.
  • Does not come with a drawing glove.
  • Limited options to customize the buttons.

Alternate Drawing Tablets

There are other drawing tablets also that you can consider purchasing instead of the Huion HS610 Drawing Tablet.

You can pick up the Huion H610 Pro V2 Graphics Drawing Tablet.

It has the same size but is older than the HS610.

Huion Inspiroy H640P Graphics Drawing Tablet is also a great drawing tablet that costs and weights lesser than HS610. 

However, it has a smaller screen size than HS610.

2019 Huion HS610 Drawing tablet is a newer version of the tablet you consider buying. 

It is exactly similar to the HS610 but costs a couple of dollars more and weights slightly heavier.


Individuals cutting across the graphics designing community can boost their creativity with the help of Huion HS610 Drawing Tablet.

The premium quality material and minimalistic design makes it a must-have hardware for beginners.

With this tablet, you have the convenience of working on your mobile phone or desktop. 

The stylus is helpful in accurately registering your movements to deliver profound results.

It is a great drawing tablet that addresses the needs of new artists and is available at an affordable price.

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