Huion Inspiroy H950P Drawing Tablet: Review

For a digital artist, a graphics tablet is an essential tool.

It is a device that can help take your designs to the next level.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, you need to have the best drawing tablet for your work.

But there are many drawing tablets on the market.

This makes it hard for someone to pick the right one for his or her job.

If you are searching for a graphics tablet, Huion Inspiroy H950P is a product you may consider.

Huion Inspiroy H950P Drawing Tablet Review

Huion developed the Huion Inspiroy H950P.

This means it is a drawing tablet that can be trusted by both experts and learners.

The tablet is not expensive, and it is lightweight.

But there have been concerns about the drivers’ installation. Below is an overview of the tablet.

Who uses this drawing tablet?

Huion Inspiroy H950P is a pocket-friendly tablet that can be used by students, beginners, and professionals.

The features available help artists modify his or her artwork.

Apart from being affordable, Huion Inspiroy H950P is among the best graphics tablet for starters.

This is because the tablet is easy to use, narrow, and provides a good working space.

It also comes with a guide for novices. Also, it is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs.

It works with several programs that include Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Clip Studio, Manga Studio, Kitra and many others.

However, if you are switching from another tablet to Huion Inspiroy H950P, you may be disappointed.

For instance, the product may stop working all together.

This means you may be forced to reinstall the drivers.

This is a waste of time, especially if you are working on an urgent assignment.

Another issue with the Huion Inspiroy H950P is the USB connection.

The cable is not of good quality. Thus, you need to push it hard into the tablet to connect.

What’s included in the box?

Huion Inspiroy H950P provides great elements that people look for in a graphics tablet.

It is well-designed and very presentable. It is appropriate for various kinds of artwork.

The box has numerous items in it. Once you open the box, you will find one drawing tablet.

The tablet has a working area of 8.7*5.4, has 8 press keys, and a net weight of 497 ounces.

This working area is ideal for both students and professional artists.

The tablet is black and well-designed.

The 8 press keys are soft but very sensitive. Hence, you need to be careful when pressing them.

Also, inside the pack, you will find one battery-free pen.

The pen has a battery-free technology that ensures you do not need battery or charging.

Hence, you can carry out your tasks without interruptions.

The package also comes with a pen stand that has 8-pen nibs and one removal tool.

Other essential items inside the pack include:

• One micro USB-cable

• One quick start guide

• A Huion carrying bag

However, some artists believe Huion could have done better.

Being a huge company that has been in the industry for so long, the Huion Inspiroy H950P could have been designed to outshine other drawing tablets on the market.

First, the installation of the drivers is a big disappointment.

Downloading the drivers online is a challenge because the site might be out of service.

Another major problem is that Huion did not consider that most of their tablets are being sent with defects.

Whether the products are not well-packed or they are of poor quality, it is something that the company needs to consider.

Several buyers have complained of receiving defected items.

Overview of features

Huion Inspiroy H950P is among the best drawing tablets because it provides a large drawing space and has better sensitivity than the rest.

Also, the dimensions and the weight of the tablet are incredible.

One major feature of the Huion Inspiroy H950P is that it is thin and portable.

If you are a moving artist, the tablet is easy to carry.

Happily, it comes with a bag to help you pack all your art accessories.

Also, it has an innovative tilt-control system.

This offers perfect pressure detection and accurate cursor-positioning.

It helps to restore the real feeling of painting and drawing.

Another great feature is that the tablet is compatible with Mac system and Windows PCs.

It also works well with art programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Manga studio, Krita, Corel Painter, Clip studio, and many others.

This means it is an excellent graphics tablet for professional artists.

However, some users claim that the tablet does not work well with Linux.

Huion Inspiroy H950P has 8-press keys. This helps you to keep your favorite short-cut keys close.

Also, it has a press-key lock to help you avoid the accidental contact with other keys.

The keys are soft and function very well. But the buttons are very sensitive.

This means you need to hold them carefully.

A good tablet ensures the artist draws with his or her imagination effortlessly.

The Huion Inspiroy H950P’s pen is battery-free. This means you do not have to worry about charging the pen.

How to use Huion Inspiroy H950P

Huion Inspiroy H950P is on the list of the top best drawing tablets on the market.

It is lightweight, portable, and has fantastic features.

In addition, it is easy to use with various programs.

When you receive the package, ensure everything is there.

Some buyers have returned the box after discovering some accessories were missing.

If all the items are there, you can start using it immediately.

However, you need to download the drivers.

The process is simple and very straightforward.

There is also a quick start-up guide for beginners and art students.

Alternatives Products

Even though Huion Inspiroy H950P is a good drawing tablet, it has some drawbacks.

Some of these issues may not impress you.

Hence, if you are searching for an alternative product, you may consider the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet with 3 Bonus Software Included, 7.9″x 6.3″, Black or the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet with 3 Bonus Software Included, 7.9″x 6.3″, Black (CTL4100).

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