Reviewing the XP Pen artist 13.3

Whether you’re a fashion designer or an artist on the go, the XP-Pen 13.3 will leave you wanting to create more of your work all the time. It’s not often that equipment also serves as inspiration.

With a high definition display and pressure-sensitive pen, the XP-Pen 13.3 will allow you to draw smooth and precise sketches as if you’re using a pencil and paper.

Created and designed for both left- and right-hand users, the XP-PEN 13.3 is suitable for anyone who feels inspired to draw or create.

The XP Pen artist 13.3 Review

The XP-Pen range is known for its affordability compared to other well-known pads on the market, while still offering you top quality and technology.

The XP-Pen 13.3 allows you to step into your space of creativity with straightforward features and guidelines.

If you’re looking for an affordable drawing pad that still has some excellent features, this will be worth a read.


The packaging and device boast of simplicity and minimalism with their modern looks. The battery-free stylus makes it so much easier to work whenever you feel the creative juices flowing.

Being only 11mm thin this device is sleek, portable and lightweight. It has a smaller screen than some of the drawing pads, which makes this model ideal to take almost anywhere.

The XP-PEN 13.3 is compatible with most operating systems and applications including:

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • MAC OS version 10.8 or later
  • Major graphics software like Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Clip studio, Krita, Gimp, SAI, and others

You can easily adjust your brightness with the adjustable buttons or personalize your experience even further with six fully customizable express keys.

The screen has an anti-reflective design so you can create your designs even when you’re working in direct light and sunlight.

The variety of chargers it comes with which is relevant to different regions ensure even further flexibility; work no matter where you are.

Installation is made easy as long as you uninstall any previous tablet drivers before you start your set up. They can influence each other’s functionality, so rather work with one installed at a time.

The XP-PEN 13.3 will make your work easy and fluent and comes at a great selling price.

In the package you’ll find:

  • 1 x pen display
  • 1 x passive pen
  • 1 x pen holder
  • 8 x replacement nibs
  • 1 x manual
  • 1 x cleaning cloth
  • 1 x anti-fouling drawing glove
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x USB flash drive
  • 1 x HDMI to Mac adapter cable


Created in a simple yet stylish design, the XP-Pen 13.3 offers all the basics you’ll be looking for in a drawing pad and even a little more. Let’s have a look at some of its features:

  • Enjoy lifelike colors and greater contrast with your images being sharper and more vivid on your 13.3” 1920 x 1080 IPS 16:9 display screen. It has a 178° visual angle and the anti-reflective coating will reduce glare by 56%
  • Design and edit most of your functions such as Sketch and Paint on your tablet screen. This will make your tasks easier to execute and give you a natural feel
  • With 2048 levels of instant pen pressure sensitivity, the latest Passive Pen Stylus Technology will give you the freedom to create without limits.
  • The Pen gives you more control and ability to move as you want with no need for wires and chargers as it’s a battery-free design
  • This device is suitable for both left- and right-handed users, creating easy access to functions for anyone.
  • Six fully customizable express keys ensure convenient work. It also supports 4K displays and you can be in control of the brightness and contrast with the adjustment buttons

The XP-Pen 13.3 offers comfort and control it’s easy to use and still looks great for the price that you are paying. Is it what you want or need? A quick summary of benefits and drawbacks may help you decide.


  • Lightweight, slim and stylish
  • Anti-Reflective screen design
  • Compatible with most operating systems
  • 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity create a realistic feel
  • Battery-free stylus
  • Affordable
  • High definition display
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Suitable for left- and right-hand users


  • Doesn’t come with a stand, so this is an additional expense
  • Some artists have said lines aren’t always as smooth as needed


Overall the XP–Pen 13.3 has all the key features to create perfect art easily. As a bonus, it has great user-friendly features and looks sleek and stylish.

It’s a very similar device to the Pen 15.6 but when compared, the 13.3 impresses on a few areas.

It’s quite small in comparison to the 15.6 which makes it more practical as a portable device.

When it comes to color and brightness, the 13.3 takes the cake with better-developed hues and contrasts.

The XP-Pen 13.3 provides a natural feel & look and beginners, as well as professional artists, can use its features.

The device comes with a lot of extra accessories so for the price this is a great first option if you’re new to drawing pads.

If you’re looking for a small device that still has all the necessary quality features, the XP-Pen 13.3 might just be your new best friend.

Although the device doesn’t come with a stand, there are many highly recommended options on the market. It’s just unfortunate that you need to budget additionally for it.

With the pros clearly outweighing the cons, the XP-Pen 13.3 is nothing less than an investment for your future in artistry and is worth trying out.

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