Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet – Review

[Edited to add: There is a new version to this graphics tablet.

The new version is called the Wacom Intuos Pro digital graphics drawing tablet for Mac or PC, Large, (PTH860).

The (PTH860) model has three different sizes, small, medium, and large.]

Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet Review

The Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet is the creative industry giant’s largest tablet to date, and one of the most popular choices for those working on extremely large sized artwork or who digitize printed artwork.

The Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet was designed using input from the professional creative community, with features inspired by the needs of digital artists worldwide.

A Huge Screen Tablet


The huge 218.4 square inch working area features eight built in ExpressKeys with illuminated displays and tip sensor technology to provide complete accuracy whilst you work.

Extremely responsive, the tablet’s initiate pressure control sensors can detect as little as a single gram of pressure.

The 60-degree tilt recognition allows designers to mimic the natural feel and accuracy of working with traditional tools like paint brushes and pencils.

The Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet also features a finger-sensitive Touch Ring, which quickly controls up to four different functions, including canvas rotation, zoom, scroll and brush size.


  • 5 x 18.2 x 1.1inch extra-large working area
  • 2048 levels pen pressure with tilt recognition
  • 8 x ExpressKeys, Touch Ring, time-saving settings
  • Right or Left handed use
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac


  • Huge working area for creating large artwork
  • Incredible sensitivity and tilt provides extreme accuracy and likeness to artists’ tools – brushes, pencils, etc.
  • ExpressKeys save time, allowing for increased productivity
  • Preferred by professional creatives worldwide

Things to be Aware Of

  • More expensive than other tablets
  • Less portable than smaller models

Bottom Line


The Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet is an incredible piece of technology for serious creative professionals, and is a brilliant buy for those looking to work on a much larger scale than standard tablets allow.

It comes with an Intuos4 Grip Pen, Intuos4 mouse, pen stand and ten replacement nibs (five standards, three hard felt, one flex, and one stroke).

There is also a nib extractor and USB cable included in the box, meaning you can plug your new tablet into your PC or Mac and get started on your next design straightaway.


Purchasing a tablet such as the Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet is a serious investment, and buyers should always make sure that they have researched the tablet market before they buy.

In order to make an informed decision, it is important to look at other similar tablets on the market and compare the features on offer to those of the Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet to make sure you are getting the right product for you.

Two such similar products are the Parblo Coast22 21.5 Inch Digital Graphics Tablet Pen Display Drawing Monitor with Cordless Battery-free Pen and the Monoprice 22 inch 1080p Battery-Free Pen Display Tablet.


The Parblo Coast22 and the Monoprice 22 inch Tablet are another two graphics tablets with pens that are a popular choice for design professionals, especially those looking to work on a larger scale.

Neither of them can quite match the Wacom Intuos4, with each measuring in at a couple of inches less than the workable area of the Wacom.

This extra space allows digital artists to work on an extremely large scale.

All three tablet models come with a tablet pen included, but each pen differs in terms of sensitivity, effects, and comfort.

The Monoprice 22 and Parblo Coast22 pens are both battery-free – in the same style as the Wacom Intuos4 – this makes them lightweight, which can reduce hand fatigue from prolonged work sessions.

What the Wacom pen has that the other two models don’t is a unique design that improves grip comfort for all-day drawing.

The Wacom Intuos4’s pen can also be easily used by either right or left-handed designers.

One of the best new features of the Wacom Intuos4 is the eight illuminated ExpressKeys.

You can set up your own unique, time-saving shortcuts and see the settings change in the illuminated display areas as you switch between applications.

Neither the Parblo Coast22 or the Monoprice 22 inch Tablet offer these ExpressKeys, which makes the Wacom Intuos4 the best option for quickness and productivity.

Innovative Technology


The Monoprice 22 does boast an impressive HD 1920 x 1080p resolution display with support for up to 16.7 million different colors, which makes it particularly appealing for photo-editors, but it can’t offer the same level of precision and control as the Wacom Intuos4 can during the editing process.

Each of the three tablet and pen models is of the professional standard and would allow the user to create accurate and detailed work or complete precision editing of images, but the Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet offers a new level of professionality.

The Wacom’s workable display area is huge and larger than both of the other tablets. It’s incredibly comfortable to use, highly sensitive, rechargeable pen allows artists to draw all day without discomfort or having to replace batteries.

The Wacom Intuos4 Pen also mimics traditional artists’ tools most closely – enabling designers to draw, sketch and paint as they would with original materials.

The Wacom Intuos4 Large Pen Tablet is also the only one of the three graphics tablets and pens we compared to offer illuminated ExpressKeys.

These give artists greater control and easy access to their own settings, increasing productivity and effectiveness.

Any of the three tablets and pens compared here would be an investment.

If you’re looking for a similar professional tablet, read this article about the Wacom Cintiq 22HD Pen Display – Review.

Digital artists’ tools do not come cheaply – but with both the Parblo Coast22 Pen and the Monoprice 22 inch Tablet coming in only a few hundred less than the Wacom Intuos4, it makes far more sense to purchase the slightly more expensive tablet that gives you a whole range of extra features.

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