What is Corel Painter Essentials 6? Review

Corel Painter Essentials 6 is a home-art studio that contains many features.

They design it to inspire new artists to the digital world.

It helps them to construct blank-canvas and photo-art creations using natural brushes freely.

The features encourage creativity and allow the artists to have fun using practical and powerful tools to accomplish their goals.

With Corel Painter Essentials 6, you can turn a photo into a creative image, or mimic work of art, or use pens, pencils, or particles to draw, paint or sketch on blank-canvas.

Just like the others, they design Painter Essentials using traditions mediums in mind.

From pencils to chalk, oils, and watercolors, you will experience the real thing of art. You can also mix colors just like the standard paint palette.

A Smarter Way to Draw

  • Natural Media – engage yourself with a remarkable collection of natural media that imitates reality.
  • You can quickly craft your work with fantastic reality using reliable media such as pencil, chalk, pastels or wet press such pens, watercolors, airbrushes and many more.
  • Smart photo printing – you can convert your photos using the photo-painting feature.
  • Just copy the images by dipping the brush directly into your picture, or only allow auto painting palette quickly paint the photo for you.
  • You can produce fantastic photo art by using the dominant SmartStroke brush feature that can follow contours and lines from the picture.
  • Signature-painter-media-types – become creative with particles that flow, glow and spring, or create excellent marks with the visionary Pattern-pens.
  • Pressure-sensitive memory – when you are painting, you will enjoy full pressure-sensitive control of the brush.
  • This allows you to reconstruct the look and sense of painting with the traditional media.
  • Symmetry tools – with valuable symmetry tools such as mirror-painting and kaleidoscope tools, you can create amazing paintings.
  • The tools will make sure your final composition is dynamic and proportional.
  • Availability of learning resources – once you get the Corel Essentials application, you have access to helpful tutorials and several workflow tips.
  • Also, you can go to the fantastic gallery of Essentials artwork to inspire you to design your masterpieces.
  • Unbelievable speed – one of the best ways to manage memory intensive operations is using the Essential-6.
  • From rotating to zooming and working with layers, the speed is unbelievable.
  • *Compatible with Windows & Mac – preserve layers and colors without any hardship while working on a PC or Mac. Also, you can own hybrid software; no subscription needed.
  • * Photoshop friendly – It is also compatible with Photoshop. Even, you can own hybrid-software outright; no subscription is needed.
  • Build your brush collection – with the package; you will enjoy custom-made bushes to expand your creativity.

Digital Art Software for Beginners and Pros


Being an accessible upgrade path to professional, Painter essentials 6 is suitable for new digital artists.

However, professional artists also use Painter 6. It is an excellent choice to learn, experiment, and grow as a photo and digital artist.

It offers a simplified working environment with an easy way to navigate and get started. Availability of learning materials makes the experience fun and enjoyable.

Painter Essentials 6 offers terrific drawing and painting tools helpful for any individual who wants to upgrade to digital art.

Improve your painting skills and learn the elements of different unique art styles with Painter Essentials 6.

They design the Painter 6 software for the photo enthusiast, hobbyists and any person who would like to begin incredible artwork.

They base the art software on the Natural Media painting technology.

Draw Faster, Work Smarter

Painter Essential 6 has all the required tools for photo and digital artists.

Some years back, new artists faced a tough life when defining the best program to use.

But with Painter-Essential 6, everything is simplified.

With a comfortable & straightforward to use art studio, you can bring in all your creativity.

It will amaze you how fast you can build incredible artwork.

You can draw, sketch, or paint at any skill level.

Availability of pressure-sensitive brush makes your work more straightforward and professional.

Moreover, you have tutorials to help you navigate or create any paint you want.

Digital Art Supplies without the Mess


Corel Painter is easy to run and install.

You do not need skills or additional information to run or install Painter-Essential 6.

Everything works faster and is straightforward.

1. You will find everything you should expect in an artist’s toolbox. This digital toolbox includes an airbrush, pastels, pencils, markers and many other tools.

2. There are several painting brushes that include pattern brushes.

3. User-friendly in every aspect and has tutorials to guide you.

4. It is so easy to transform your photos into paintings.

Availability of SmartStroke technology makes the transformation secure and faster.


• Better performance–the version has better performance than the previous versions. It provides training and present document-layouts.

• Affordable & availability–Painter-Essentials 6 is affordable to many photo and digital artists, and it is available for PC Windows 7 & above, and Mac 10.10 & above.

• Has several hobbyist-friendly tools that you can use to style or trace photographs. It also comes with several brush types.


• Everything is simplified.

It’s an excellent package for professional or experienced photo and digital artists.

For new and individuals who want to upgrade their painting skills, Painter-Essentials 6 is all you need.

It provides a wide range of features to elegant your existing images, and photo-painting tools to change your pictures into a virtual art.

There are also fantastic useful composition tools that include mirror and Kaleidoscope.

Hence, the final word is that Painter-Essentials 6 is powerful, beautiful and compelling.

It is one and the most efficient way to get your photos into a painting via your PC.

Painter-Essential 6 is available on Windows and Mac, and the price is affordable.

Also, the availability of tutorials will power your creativity and assist you to transform well into digital art.


Every photo and digital artists know that the Corel brand is among the world’s top software companies.

The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet CTL4100WLK0 brings Painter Essentials as part of the complete package.

Corel Painter Essentials 6 is a mission to simplify and to help digital art move to another level.

For more information about this product, visit the Painter Essentials 6 website.

It is one package that is helping individuals attain new levels of productivity, creativity, and success.

[Edited to add: I recommend purchasing this software product directly from the manufacturer.

Buying this digital product from Amazon may not download properly and may freeze or damage your PC.]

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