XP Pen Star06 Graphics Tablet (Drawing Force)

Do you feel there is a lot of art inside you, but your mouse limits your creativity?

If the answer is yes, then you need to upgrade.

You need to replace your mouse with the best drawing tablets on the market.

A drawing tablet will make your digital artwork more comfortable and fun.

You will also be able to transform your ideas into beautiful images.

XP Pen Star06 Graphics Tablet Review

A drawing tablet gives you control to be as creative as you can.

You can sketch, draw, paint or even re-touch designs efficiently.

There are numerous drawing tablets on the market with various features and specifications.

The essential thing is to ensure you pick the best one that fits your needs and can make your ideas great.

Made for Digital Art


The XP Pen Star06 drawing tablet is one of the best drawing tablets on the market.

With enhanced features than the previous tablets, there is much you can do with the tablet.

It is considered the best by many experienced digital artists because it is more sensitive-to-touch than most tablets on the market.

It is a unique device that has both wireless and wired USB abilities.

Connect the 2.4G receiver into your PC and start drawing wirelessly, or use the USB cable to the Star06 into your computer.

The tablet has a lithium-battery that you can charge very fast and can last for about 16-hours.

The tablet has six-hotkeys to make your drawing tasks simpler.

It is also compatible with numerous operating systems and applications.

You can use it on Windows 7/8 & and 10, and Mac-operating systems.

It is also a right size that will serve your purpose well and assist you to reach your drawing goals.

A Flexible Drawing Tablet

It is compatible with many graphics programs.

This professionally designed tablet has a slick design; it is lightweight and very affordable.

Once you purchase the tablet, in the box, you will find:

  • A tablet
  • USB Cable
  • A drawing glove
  • USB flash drive ( Wireless use)
  • Easy pen-nib stand/replacement
  • A Pen
  • User manual
  • Replacement pen nib stored in the pen stand
  • Led Indicator light
  • he White light – it shows that your pen is already in contact with the central area of the tablet.
  • The green light – when in wireless mode, it shows that the tablet connects to the wireless receiver.
  • Red-blinking light – shows that your tablet battery is running low.
  • Blue light – shows that the tablet battery is charging.
  • Green light – shows the fully charged tablet.


The XP Pen Star06 is an excellent wireless graphics drawing tablet.

It has numerous advanced features than most drawing tablets.

Whether you are a new digital artist or a professional artist, XP Pen Star06 is a perfect tablet for you.

Below are the main features of XP Pen Star06.

  • Wired & wireless USB capability – you only need to plug the open ISM-2.4G-USB receiver into your PC to start drawing wirelessly, or connect the XP Pen Star06 to your computer with the USB cable provided. The process is simple and very fast.
  • Fast charging – The XP Pen Star06 has a lithium battery that charges very fast and conveniently during the wired use. You only need to charge it for 2 hours, and the tablet will last for about 16-hours or more.
  • Controls your creation – the tablet has automatic line correction and intelligent anti-shake feature to create smooth and natural lines. It is also joined with 8192 pressure-levels to provide natural work experience.
  • 6 Shortcut-keys – The Star 06 is very flexible. It has six-touch-sensitive-shortcut-keys and dial-allow-quick access to some of the most used key-strokes.
  • Compatible with many operating systems – The star06 is a tablet that is compatible with Windows 7/8 & 10 and Mac versions 10.8 and later versions. It is also compatible with other graphics software that includes Photoshop, Clip studio, Illustrator and Painter and many others.
  • Multifunctional – The Star06 working space offers a sufficient room to paint and draw comfortably.
  • The pen stand – the tablet has a new pen stand that is a built-in tool, making the replacing of pen tips easy.

This drawing tablet is one of the best choices for new digital artists and professionals as well.

If you’re looking for a light, pure tablet with wireless configuration, with several hotkeys, the Star06 is an excellent drawing tablet.

Students, kids, and experts will enjoy using the pad.

However, just like any device on the market, XP Pen Star 06 has several advantages and disadvantages.

Below are some of the pros and cons of XP Pen Star 06 drawing tablet.


  • Affordable – the price of this tablet is excellent for such amazing features
  • Sensitivity – no matter your drawing tasks, the sensitivity handles well.
  • Lightweight and durable
  • The graphics tablet works well with many windows and other graphics programs.
  • Fantastic resolution
  • Availability of 6-hotkeys makes drawing easier and faster.
  • Being wired and wireless is an advantage to many digital artists
  • Perfect pen for turning creativity into great images
  • Comes with several accessories, making it outstanding considering the price
  • Drawing glove with the drawing tablet.
  • The size of the tablet is sufficient for a drawing tablet.


  • The scroll-wheel is over reactive
  • The wireless connection fails most of the time
  • Experienced artists believe that tablet has lower resolution



When searching for a drawing tablet, you need to consider the features you want, and those that are important to you.

It is also essential to set a budget, but ensure the price tag is not the determining factor.

If you’re looking for the previous version of this tablet, read about The XP Pen Star05 Tablet: Expand Your Artistic Skills.

The XP Pen Star 06 tablet is an excellent tablet with great features.

It is a new product that outshines many drawing tablets on the market.

The XP Pen Star 06 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet is a tablet that performs very well.

The drawing is satisfactory, the quality is excellent and the buttons have a nice solid feel.

The pen does not need a charge, and both wireless and wired features work very well.

If you’re on a tight budget and would like to save a few dollars, check out the XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet – Analysis.

You can place the wireless receiver on the table, making it more comfortable and convenient to carry.

Hence, if you are searching for a wireless and affordable graphics tablet, the XP Pen Star 06 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet should be your choice.

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